G Suite is a must have for your business email. Here is Why.

Since its launch in 2004, gmail has evolved to be the standard to rate the quality of other mail services. Why not when you have access to free cloud drive storage, real time file editing & sharing, chat, calendar and much more in a single service.

Now it’s either like gmail or not as good as gmail. In 2016 gmail crossed the milestone of 1b+ users world wide.

This is when the Company relaunched Google Apps for Work in a new brand G Suite in 2016.

It comes with additional storage, Sync option with Microsoft Outlook, enhanced security and full personalisation & administration of all user accounts.With G Suite/Google Apps, all those services available for an @gmail.com account, (plus some extra features) are accessible for any account in @anydomain.com. But what is most awesome is its migration features. You don’t need to worry if you already have set your company mail in another hosting. You can completely migrate to google; all your data, mail, storage etc. will be transferred along.Even you can have your company logo for the mail instead of default google logo.

Cool. Right?

But unlike most other google services, G Suite isn’t a free service and have got some technical aspects to take care of. But considering the range of services offered and the administration options, it’s worth the money (which is not more than a few dollars and even goes down for long time tenures).

We help our clients to setup/migrate to G Suite under affordable prices. Don’t worry about the technical aspects. Just tell us how many accounts you need & we will take care of rest.

Send your requirements to contact@tecort.com or Call +91 484 6444494

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